Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 Weeks Today!

Lyndsay is 30 weeks along today!  Given where we were at this past Thursday, this is a huge milestone for the pregnancy.  Every day at this point is a blessing, but the next big milestone we hope to achieve is to get to 32 weeks. 

Several people have asked for some ultrasound pics-  but we decided to do one better.  Below is an Artist rendering of Gage and Kellan.  I know these look like the exact same picture, but keep in mind that they are identical twins. 

Gage Lane Sanders

Kellan Lake Sanders


  1. Looks like they have Poppa's hairline! They are cute boys - love, love, love them!

  2. I agree. I am so happy for you both. Best wishes and GOD bless.

  3. Hooray!!!! You're right ........ very big milestone. Keep in mind that my twins were born at 31 weeks and (oh my) look at them now!!!!! And let's not forget the advancements that have been made for premature births in 26 years either! Every day and every week gets them that much closer to mature lungs and health! And, you know, I can see a lot of Poppa in them too, in spite of their small size. Loads of love to you!

  4. You know, they do resemble Poppa. Notice if you will the sleek athlitic build of a world class athlete, the ever ready stance of a warrior, the dark steely gaze of a battle tested heart, the closely cropped hair for style and convienence and the petite domes that house an incredible intelligence system and data center. Yes, these guys ARE special and God Bless Poppa!