Monday, June 27, 2011

A quick recap...

Let's see, where do I begin...  as many of you may know, Lyndsay came back to the hospital this past Thursday evening (6/23) because she was have some contractions close together.  I assumed we would come to the hospital, maybe have to stay overnight and then get sent home the next day.  Boy was I wrong!  Upon getting here some tests were done and she was hurried to a room in the Labor and Delivery section of the hospital.  Lyndsay's doctor rushed over to the hospital and proceeded to do a quick ultrasound to find out exactly what position the Kellan and Gage were in.  It never occurred to me why that was being done, but later Lyndsay explained to me that they really thought she was going into labor and needed to know where they were.  Probably a good thing I didn't know that at the time, sometimes ignorance is bliss!

Fortunately, Lyndsay's doctor was able to put her on some meds and stabilized the contractions.  She has spent the past few days on bed rest in the Labor and Delivery section.  Hopefully this evening she will be able to get transferred to "Antepartum" and stay there until Kellan and Gage make their way into the world.  As we are learning throughout this process, we have no clue when that will be!  :)

Lyndsay's original due date was 9/8/2011- but with it being twins, we assumed she would deliver closer to the middle of August.  At the end of May she came to the hospital because she was having contractions and stayed here on bed rest for a few weeks.  She was released to go home on Friday 6/17 and got to be home for a week before coming back again.  I have a feeling she will be here for the duration. 

We'll continue to keep you up to date.


Check out this view from Lyndsay's room!  Who says pregnancy isn't glamorous?!?

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